How long does the Xbox 360 warrany last: Answer & how to check YOUR warranty!

Sometimes you need to get a little help from the service center. It’s okay, that happens. But before you call Xbox Support, it’s nice to know if your console is under warranty. The standard warranty for a brand new Xbox 360 is one year. You can check your warranty status at

A whole host of other questions, regarding the Xbox 360 warranty, are answered by Xbox Support.

"An error occurred cancelling automatic renewal" on Xbox Live: easiest way around it

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You may have recently followed the steps in our article about how to cancel or disable automatic renewal on Xbox Live. But you run in to an error. An error which specifically states “an error occurred cancelling automatic renewal.” This has been going on so long that I believe it is intentionally done by Microsoft, and it is just a ploy to get you on the phone with their retention department, so they can try to sweet talk you in to staying.

The unfortunate truth is, because it is set up this way, your only choice is to call support. The phone number for the United states and the URL for finding contact information in other countries can be found in another article on our site.

I can't connect to Xbox Live: easy solution

When you’re having problems connecting to Xbox Live, you need to do some troubleshooting. First, find out whether or not Xbox Live is down. Once you’re sure Xbox Live is up and running, use Microsoft’s troubleshooting guide to figure out why you can’t connect to Xbox Live. It is an easy guide to walk through, asking a series of yes or no questions which will allow you to pinpoint the problem.