Billions (of dollars) says "It" doesn't make a bit of difference

Okay, so I awake this morning to hear about Warren Buffet giving Bill Gates and co. some 37 Billion Dollars, atop the billions that Bill Gates himself is intending to use to fight world diseases and such.

Great, Bill Gates’ move and shift to use his own money to start the BMGF was a good and kind gesture. I’ve actually worked for a beneficiary of the Gates Foundation. But now another rich white guy following suit? Am I just the “cynical son of a bitch” my college professor made me out to be last year, or is nobody else seeing the idea that Buffet’s contribution is tax deductible? I don’t know for sure that it is, but I mean – my only assumption is that it comes down to that, or, he just doesn’t want to look like a bastard because Bill beat him to the punch. I just have a hard time believing that all of these guys with their few hundred cars and 20-odd homes are suddenly feeling “generous.”

I’m sure tomorrow Bono will announce he’s leaving his estate to the One Campaign. That will only be a good thing if he kills himself by the following day. Fine, maybe I’m just a cynic – maybe I don’t think everyone is as good natured as they come off, but if there’s a forthcoming wave of generosity it will only be inspired by the spirit of “one-ups-manship” – not that these people actually care about what’s going on. Besides – I still don’t see what money will DO for these world problems. Why don’t they do something with their money. Throwing money at AIDS won’t kill it. Thousands of hours of distributed computing for cancer and AIDS have proven fruitless, and the longest running SETI hasn’t heard so much as a chirp from ET. If we can’t solve it with all of the actual work being done, and numbers being crunched, what is money in a vault going to do?

My suggestion? Gates should stockpile the money until there is a cure for these diseases, and then use the money to provide FREE inoculations to the populous. But nobody listens to me, because I’m not a rich old white guy. And if I were, I’d hate my own life. Why? Because I hate rich old white guys in general.

Seriously – who was it that said they had an invention that would change the world? That “it” would revolutionize every single day living in America. The known universe would never be the same and the sun might implode as soon as “it” hit the market! Why, rich old white guy Dean Kamen, of course! And “it” was the Segway Human Transporter. Ever see one of these bad boys in action? Neither have I! Wanna know why? Because not every American is a rich white guy who has five thousand bucks to plop down on a scooter. If you did, you can only get them in a handful of states. And if you were a rich, douche-baggy white guy, you would probably live in the San Fran (ooh, they hate that one!) Bay Area, and play Segway Polo.

If this is you, please raise your hand now, so that I know who to mock individually and oh so personally in my next editorial. Until then, please, get a life, and do something with your money… like cure diseases by investing in them!

Peace on ya,

Bill Gates’ “Retirement”

Everyone’s blogging about Gates and this headlining news. So, why not thrown in my two cents? After all – I am a part of the blogosphere now.

Yes, he’s “leaving” Microsoft. But only in that he will be giving up his position as Chief Software Architect. Will he be gone for good? No chance. He’s lived it for far too many years to just wipe his slate clean. He cannot resist the draw of technology, just like many other founding-fathers of Silicon Valley.

What can Bill Gates do to “focus” more on things like world health? Various organizations can surely use his money – but is he supposed to be some kind of bio-chemist, suddenly? He might be able to offer some organizational skills to large corporations and organizations, but his need to “focus” on these issues is a bit sketchy.

This won’t change a thing about what we can expect of Windows Vista. There may be rumors that his leaving has something to do with poor expectations for Vista, and wanting to get out now – but he has planned his departure two years in advance. If he is not leaving until the summer of 2008, that’s well after the expected launch of Vista, and quite possibly near the time of a first service pack. No, Gates intends to see this one through.

He will also, likely, be the keynote speaker at many Microsoft conferences, and now, more than likely, will spend some time on the road at various colleges and institutions, as well as other tech-related conventions. Just, don’t expect to see William Henry Gates III at your local county fair, like Rush without Geddy Lee, or Adam West as Bat-Man.

Peace on ya,

Could Apple be planning a video conferencing iPod?

What even Slashdot isn’t reporting on: patents have been filed for a video conferencing technology to be put into portable handhelds, such as an iPod or cellular phone. What grabs everyone’s attention? The intimate working knowledge the patent holder seems to have of the iPod. It’s almost as if it could be an Apple employee.

Who else would so specifically call the device an “enhanced iPod” in their patent? And immediately offer up explanations of how a revised version of the QuickTime CODEC would do a lot of work? Additionally, schematics of how the hardware would coexist within an existing iPod unit. No, far too much detail for your average-joe-geek-seeking-patent-trolling-idea. I’d have to assume it’s far too late for an April fool’s joke. Maybe I’m just a victim of the Mac equivalent of the rarely-correct news site TheInquirer – but you can read on to the only site carrying the story so far, MacsimumNews.

Peace on ya,