What my energy bill looks like with Time of Use Billing

Got my first full-month electric bill using “Time of Use” billing for electricity. I don’t have a family at home using electricity during the day, so I had that in my favor. Some evenings I might need to do a load of laundry (electric dryer) or cook (electric stove top & oven), etc., but for the most part I’m either still at work or out of the house most of the hours when the “peak” billing rate is happening.

Throughout October I barely had to run the air conditioning, but I did run the blower fan almost every night, all night, to circulate air.

I put the car on a schedule to charge after 11PM. It’s always done before 6 AM, even when I’m below 10% to start.

My first full month of “Time of Use” billing was $86.01. Compare directly to October of ’22 when it was $50.96 without an electric car to charge.

I didn’t have the electric car last year. That saves me $250 in fuel costs. My new monthly combined total is over $200 LOWER than last year!

I paid $30 more in electricity than I did last October, but I drove my car 70 miles a day 5 days a week, and bought $0 in gas (petrol)!

Pulled In: the index

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FIXED: pfSense Missing APPLY CHANGES Button

A few weeks ago I was making changes to a firewall rule in a pfSense+ 23.05.1-RELEASE version firewall. But after I clicked the “save” button – there was no way to “Apply Changes” – the green banner that would normally appear at the top of the page was simply not appearing.

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