Windows 10 / 11 HEVC Video Extension for Free

Microsoft offers the HEVC Video Extension necessary to play videos from iPhone users on their store, but they often try to charge a dollar for it. Just $0.99, in fact! In many cases, I don’t mind spending a dollar, and I encourage others to do the same. But sometimes you’re just in a pinch and you don’t have your credit card on file, or you aren’t logged in to your normal Microsoft account and it’s just a pain.

Have no fear! Microsoft also provides a link in the Microsoft store where you can download the HEVC Video Extension completely free of charge.

Why are there two, and why does this link exist?

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Apple is blowing it with this charging port fiasco

Stanley Ng

I’ve never been much of an Apple guy. The only Apple product I’ve personally owned was a used Mac Mini that I bought just so I could be a little more knowledgeable about helping people troubleshoot Mac problems. But when the European Union said that Apple had to ditch their custom charging port and make it “Common Charger” USB-C port, I feel like Apple missed a golden opportunity.

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How to download Windows 10 ISO’s directly from Microsoft (2004 / 20-04 / 20H1)

If you don’t like using the Media Creation Tool, there is a way that you can actually download the ISO files straight from Microsoft’s servers.

If you want to download the Windows 10 ISO file DIRECTLY from Microsoft’s servers, you can do so by getting the URL from a mobile device: I simply used the Microsoft Edge browser on Android (any mobile browser on any platform will work) to visit and request links to an ISO in my language. If you download the ISO files from anywhere else, be sure to verify the their SHA-256 checksums!