How To Add Safe Mode & Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt to Windows Boot Options

I recently ran in to a VERY frustrating issue trying to get a Windows 10 computer to boot in to safe mode when the main OS kept freezing up. Modern Windows will “fall back” to safe mode if it detects problems booting, otherwise you’re supposed to enter a hidden boot menu from inside the operating system. But if the OS boots normally and then locks up, it can be difficult to boot to safe mode.

Unlike the olden days of Windows 95 you can’t press F5, or Windows XP just press F8 – so I decided to bring a more thorough boot menu BACK to modern Windows on all my personal computers. This can be done through the Boot Configuration Data editor tool, BCDEdit.

Safe Mode added, and verified
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A History Lesson of modern Microsoft Windows

Reddit user “winitgc” asked the question “Why do people hate Windows 10?” And it struck me as an interesting prompt. Mostly because I don’t think of Windows 10 as being so hated. But the more I thought it through, I realized they were right. And I think I realized why. So, I answered:

Let’s ignore the “pre-NT” days (Windows 9x/Me) and just consider Windows XP as the birth of home computing for the masses. XP was ‘basically’ the primary operating system from 2001 to 2007.

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