Rumor: Gears of War GOTY-esque package next month

eCanadaNow is reporting that a new Gears of War package for the Xbox 360 will be hitting store shelves on June 24. The new package, purportedly showing up in retailer’s computer systems as “Gears of War with Maps,” will retail for $39.99, and include all of the previously released DLC (maps and playmodes), as well as the additional content from the PC version. This is the first peep I’ve heard about this, and while I am a little surprised, I don’t disbelieve the rumor.

Konami to enter familiar territory with Rock Revolution


Punch Jump reported, yesterday, that Konami intended to join Rock Band and Guitar Hero with their own music and rhythm game: Rock Revolution. Plans to offer a guitar, bass, and drum kit are all reported by Punch Jump.

Though it’s a little late for them to try and nudge their way in to the arena, it’s not going to be difficult or costly for them to develop new technologies. For those not keeping score, Konami developed the ever popular Dance Dance Revolution titles, as well as Beatmania, and Guitar Freaks. They essentially birthed rhythm games, so now let’s see if it’s too late for them to try and reclaim their throne!

The Protector: drama-shooter coming to Xbox 360 boasts an article touting a new game from a Polish developer. Gingerbread Studios is planning to bring a new first/third person shooter title, The Protector, to the PC and Xbox 360 – though no release date has been set.

Here is an excerpt of the plot summary: “[Terrorist organization] Scarlet Vengeance’s attention soon turns to Jennifer, the only person who knows the location of a powerful Aztec which can be used for a devastating terrorist attack. With Jennifer’s life under threat Kane must track her down and protect her from Scarlet Vengeance.” This game already sounds like it’s suffering from, you guessed it, Indigo Prophecy Syndrome. A gallery of six hard to see images can be found here.

Microsoft Xbox and National Fitness Day

This article on Kotaku drew my attention away from the other fanfare of late. Microsoft will be participating in National Fitness Day, promoting Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 as the way to stay fit on May 12 (a suspicious 7 days before the launch of Nintendo’s new Wii Fit).

Also on the Xbox website, 10 tips for staying healthy, from Dr. Carlon Colker. I know I could take the pointers. The promotional event is also partially sponsored by Konami and is centered around the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. A whole slew of information can be gained from the official press release. Look to other websites for some kind of coverage of the events, as they are happening in large cities all across the country.