Electric Car Update!

Electric Car Update! ⚡🔋🚙🔌

This weekend will be 3 months that I’ve had the car. My most recent electric utility bill was $132.12. I may have turned my home air conditioner on one time during that, so we’re not anywhere near “MAXIMUM POSSIBLE BILL” just yet – we should see that soon though. Either way, I’m still WELL under the line of “$250 electric bill = break-even.”

I’ve had the battery as low as about 6%. I believe once you hit 4% it enables “turtle mode,” where a small turtle icon appears on the screen, it limits your speed to a maximum of 55MPH and reduces things like air-conditioning and fan speed. But I haven’t had to worry about it. I planned my routes, got to charging stations, and had zero issues.

Last night it was over 75 degrees inside my house so I turned on the air conditioner around 9:45PM. My car was also scheduled to start charging at 10PM. This was going to be the biggest single power draw on the house since I bought the car – but there were no problems at all. No tripped breakers, nothing caught fire, no issues at all.

The honeymoon phase hasn’t worn off, yet. Still loving the INSTANT 300HP/300LB-FT of torque… but I also love my motorcycles. Every day is a challenge in deciding which vehicle I’m taking to work, because they’re all exciting!