Unscripted 360 CARES about more than just readers!

Maybe it’s just not on the news, but I just don’t hear about this stuff very often. A family, without renter’s insurance, got robbed last week, in the middle of the day. Adults at work, kids at school, BAM. TV, laptop, everything… just like a team of movers stopped by.

Well, here’s the fun part. I found out about this through my involvement with the Xbox community.

DeaconBlade 360, the host and founder of Unscripted 360, posted the story on his blog. A) Because he knew the family. B) Because one of the kids saved up his own money to buy his own Xbox 360, and a week later it gets stolen.

One of the users on the site, TheRhymeScheme, came up with the idea of setting up a fund to get this kid a new 360. I seconded the notion, and away we went. We’re getting close, and have the support of KonsoleKingz.com, and are spreading the word even higher up the chain – but for now, we’re just kind of doing what we can.

People here have made donations to my former websiteNuAngel.net, others in websites I am a member of have simply and genuinely helped me in a time of need. “Pay It Forward” (not the movie) is important to me, the idea of helping people, who may in turn help someone else… showing that not everybody is BAD.

This isn’t some armless legless goatless boy in kurblakastan, or some huge scheme – I know these people, I talk to them over the phone regularly, play games with them on Xbox Live, will be meeting them this fall @ PAX… the robbery made local news in Dallas, TX. We will be getting photos of the “gift giving” when it’s all said and done. It’s legit.

Podcast where we (Deacon, myself, and others) talk about it in the first couple of minutes of the show.
That podcast link also contains the link to the original thread where we began the discussion.

The thread on U360 forums.

The Donation Link (PayPal) is embedded in the original post, and the podcast post, and at the top of MY post, here on WinBreak.com. Once you log in to PayPal, just tell’em NuAngel sent ya (“additional comments” right before you complete the transaction)!

Just wanted y’all to know.

Want Uno? Find "360" in the wild! Our first giveaway!

It’s been years since I’ve been in the position to have giveaways. On my previous website, I had a huge double prize pack, with T-Shirts, PC software, and all kinds of things. Well, I’m working my way up to the top again, and you have to start somewhere. This is WinBreak.com’s first giveaway, and we’re glad you can be a part of it!

The Prize: We’re just getting started, so at this time, we will only be giving away one copy of Uno for the Xbox Live Arcade.

The fine print: I don’t think there is any!! 🙂 We will be giving away a code for Uno – this allows me to make this open internationally! Anyone can enter! As far as I know, the code will work anywhere, even Europe, the Middle East, Asia… everywhere!

The ultra fine print: If the code doesn’t work over seas, we will give the code to the 2nd place contestant, and we will GIFT the game to the first place winner! If you were the first place winner you will get your prize, even if I have to jump through hoops to do it!

The background: I was at work this week, and was seeing the number “360” everywhere… paperwork, client numbers, serial numbers, everything I looked at, everywhere I looked!

Here’s how to enter: We want you to “360” in the wild. Find it on a menu at a restaurant take a picture. Find it on the subway and take a picture with your phone. Find it online and take a screen shot (press the Print Screen key and PASTE it into MSPaint or something!). Just take pictures of the number “360” or “three sixty” or “three six zero” or anything like that! See what you can find, you’ll be surprised! Submit your entries to contest@winbreak.com. We encourage multiple entries.

We will post the pictures of all entries deemed appropriate, and the winners will be announced after they have been contacted. Your pictures will be judged by WinBreak.com crew and friends. Your pictures will be judged on various things, including the originality and location! Update: Oh yeah, a few more details… we’re currently planning to hold the judging and announce our decision around noon EST (GMT -5) next Sunday. Also, while we are well aware of the power of photoshop, we want our entries to be in the spirit of competition and fun! Please just do what you can to find 360 in the wild!

If you have any questions, just use the contact us link on the right side of the page, or send an email to the contest email address. I can’t wait to see your entries!

UPDATE: Rumor: Conker & Jade Empire to Originals

Xbox 360 Fanboy is reporting a rumor from 360Sync. A very believable rumor, yes. But I am holding firm in belief that not only will Raze’s Hell and Guilty Gear X2 #Reload be added to Xbox Originals, but I would like to believe that Raze and Guilty Gear will arrive first. But, we’ll see if my sleuthing has been right. 😉

UPDATE: OK, so I may have missed the next round of games, but I did make my report on January 11th, and only now are others picking up on my old news! 🙂 Alas, I’ve yet to be noticed. Oh well… at least my few loyal readers are getting their news first! 😉

Major Nelson's HEROES give away: PRIZE PICTURES

Here are just a few pictures of the huge give away from Major Nelson’s podcast. I entered the contest in December, and found out I won a few days after New Years. The prize pack was shipped out after CES. The trouble was that I was moving out of town – and the package arrived the day after I left. My family has been holding on to the package for me for a while, and I finally had them open it up and take a couple of pictures.

So here they are. The brand new Xbox 360, the HD-DVD Player, and the First Season of Heroes on HD-DVD… all of which are autographed! Again, I have YET to see these in person, but these glorious photos are amazing, as far as I’m concerned! It’s hard to tell who signed what, especially the DVD’s themselves. I believe that might be Major Nelson and his one time guest, Heroes Co-Executive Producer Jesse Alexander – but I can’t see for sure. But I’m very excited to see Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, and so many more of the Heroes team!!

I probably won’t have this thing in hand until April – and then it will be a long process of deciding whether this goes in my collection, becomes a give away for my website, or if it goes on eBay with the proceeds going to Child’s Play (the last one being highest in my mind, at this time). All of these thoughts have crossed my mind, and it’s a good thing I have a few months to decide! Until then, enjoy the pictures!

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