AppShopper finds you deals in the iTunes App Store

This week’s app of the week is an iOS treasre that has already saved me a bundle, and will hopefully help you in the long run as well!

AppShopper is a website as well as an iOS app (4.0 or later) for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch that will help you find the right time to buy an app that you’re looking for. Got your eye on a game, but think the price is a little steep? Add it to your watch list in AppShopper and let it do the rest. You’ll receive a notification if and when the price drops.

Simple enough, right? It really is. I had no idea that some app prices fluxuate so much. And to give you an idea as to whether or not an app will go on sale (face it, some developers set it and forget it, when it comes to pricing), the AppShopper App on iTunes has a price history – you can see the dates and prices when prices of certain applications went up or down. If you think an app that you’re considering purchasing is a due for a price drop, you can hold out a while longer and be notified when the price drops – then tap the notification, follow AppShopper right in to the iTunes App Store and buy that app! It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s awesome.

Free IRC app for Android: AndChat

AndChat is a free IRC app for Android that works astonishingly well. You can save multiple connections to connect to different servers, save credentials to speed up the IDENTIFY process, chat logging, and it gives you a nice clean chat interface while talking with people. It even features a widescreen mode!

The free product is full featured, and there is a ~$3.25 donate version of AndChat available, or you can donate your own amount of your own at Download AndChat Free from the Google Play Store and check it out!

Podcasts is now available for iOS devices


The “podcasting app” from Apple was released yesterday. Conveniently named “Podcasts,” the app is designed to help you find new podcasts, manage subscriptions to current podcasts, and really just make the podcast listening and sorting experience a much more natural thing. Rather than digging and sorting through all of iTunes, Podcasts makes it easy for you to look through your existing podcast library, and find something new to listen to.

You can find Podcasts in the app store, as Podcasts!

How to use Skydrive on your Android: Browser for Skydrive

Update: Microsoft has released an official SkyDrive app for Android. Original article below.

Browser for SkyDrive is a free app for Android which allows you to access files on your Microsoft SkyDrive account. Sounds pretty straight forward, and it is.

Even though Windows Phone 7 and iOS are covered, Microsoft has yet to release an official SkyDrive app on Android. This app takes fills the need, and does so in quite a professional fashion. An easy to use, split screen interface shows your local file system, and the files on your SkyDrive. You are able to quickly navigate and transfer files of nearly any type back and forth. It is easy to trust the application made by a third party with your Windows Live ID password because it actually takes you take a Microsoft logon page where you authorize the app access, rather than just entering your password and letting the app store it however it wants and send it wherever it might. All in all, it’s a very professional, and very well done replacement (or at least placeholder) for an official Microsoft app. I’ve used it a few times and have been quite happy with it.

A small, non-resource-intensive banner ad at the bottom of the application keeps the app free. I click on it from time to time to support the developer. I encourage everyoen to check out Browser for SkyDrive by Bolero on the Google Play Store.