irc999 – free IRC on the iPad

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a simple chat solution to connect me in to an IRC channel on the go. I had my iPad handy and searched for IRC applications. A plethora of paid apps that I didn’t know whether I would like or not showed up. Then a free option showed up that I decided I could at least check out. Other than a few minor issues, I found irc999 a surprisingly elegant solution! Continue reading “irc999 – free IRC on the iPad”

Fing – Network Scanner & Tools for your phone or tablet

I was introduced to Fing recently at work. It is an astonishingly powerful network scanner you can run from a smartphone or tablet. It is available on Android through Google Play or iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store. Continue reading “Fing – Network Scanner & Tools for your phone or tablet”

AfterFocus – photo editing for your Android

Their tagline is “Bring DSLR-like Photography to Your Smartphone.” And it’s very true. You have lots of focusing, color changing effects, and more. AfterFocus does a surprisingly good job considering it’s “not much more than a mobile app” – oh, and considering that it is free on the Google Play Store! Below is one of their sample pictures where they show changing the backdrop of a photo to black and white, while leaving the rest alone. Continue reading “AfterFocus – photo editing for your Android”