Microsoft and Xbox 360 donates on a large scale!

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I think my three favorite things are worthwhile charities, my Xbox 360, and the NHL. Which is why, when Gamasutra posted this article about how Microsoft has recently partnered with Companions in Courage, I had to let you all know about it!

Microsoft is giving hospitals across the country specially designed Xbox 360 Kiosks, with their own sort of “subnet” to Xbox Live.

The customized Xbox 360 kiosks are pre-loaded with Y-rated TV programs, G-rated movies, and games rated E and E10+. Xbox 360 Headsets and Xbox Live Vision Cameras are also included to allow young patient to chat (via voice, text, and video) and play games with other children in select hospitals included in the dedicated Xbox Live network.
This is really a great thing, and I commend Pat LaFontaine’s organization, Microsoft, and the Xbox Live team especially, for putting something like this together.