Better Know a Gamer: Issue #11: ScooterMcT

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Nu: What’s your Gamertag, and what’s the story behind it?
Well, my gamertag is ScooterMcT, which is a shortened form of Scooter McTits (not allowed on Live for offensive language I’d imagine). A friend of mine used to call me Scooter (my name is Scott, so it’s not a big stretch). I used to want to start a band, and name it Captain McTits and the Voyage to Mangyna. I figured I deserved to be said captian, so there it is.

Nu: Where are you from?
I’m originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Though I’ve now been in Pennsylvania for almost 7 years.

Nu: How old are you, and what do you do (school, job, family, hobbies)?
I’m 25, recently graduated from Penn State, but currently on the prowl for a job/career.

Nu: How long have you been gaming in general?
My dad is/was a huge nerd, so we had a computer long before anyone else I knew. I used to play J-Bird on our Tandy 1000. Now theres a game that needs a XBLA port.
I would say I got started console gaming with the Nintendo Entertainment System, though I never owned one. A few of my neighbors had one, so I made a point to befriend them in order to play as much as possible. I didn’t manage to get a system of my own until the Sega Genesis came out.

Nu: How long have you been a 360 owner?
I was a late adopter of the 360, so I didn’t pick one up until Feb 2007. I’ve been a Halo junkie since I bought my original Xbox, so I wasn’t in a huge hurry to pick up the 360. That and I guess I was a controller snob, insisting that the “duke” controller was better. The similarities between the S and the 360 controller scared me at first.

Nu: What was one of your favorite Xbox / Xbox Live moments?
The Halo 3 Beta, hands down. The atmosphere amongst the testers was different than you see in Halo 3 now-a-days. I think we appreciated it more.

Nu: Which Xbox 360 Achievement are you most proud of?
Killing Frenzy on Halo 3. Not so much because it was difficult, but because it was my last H3 achievement. I wear my Katana with pride.

Nu: Are you currently working toward any achievements?
Not at the moment, though I do plan on picking up a few more in Dark Sector career mode.

Nu: What game(s) are you playing the most now?
Halo 3. Especially since the Legendary Maps released. The release brought back on some of my fair-weather halo fan friends, so I get to play with them again.

Nu: What’s playing now (what music do you listen to when away from your Xbox or when listening to music ON your Xbox)?
Away from the 360 I recently picked up the latest Panic At The Disco album and I like it. On the 360 I play nothing but The Prodigy. I challenge anyone to not play Halo better with The Prodigy playing in the background.

Nu: Do you try to stick with one Gamerpic, or change it frequently?
I tend to be fickle with my gamerpic, so I don’t change often. I had MisterChief from the Bungie Day pack for a while, then I actually purchased the Assassins Creed pack. I was so impressed with that game I had to show it off a bit. Now I’ve got the Retro Xbox from the April Fools Day pack. I’ll probably end up back with one of those other 2 when I get tired of it.

Nu: What is your current favorite Xbox related website to visit?
Xbox-Scene has been my homepage since I bought my original Xbox, but I don’t know if I’d call that my favorite. Probably Xbox 360 Fanboy, I find myself checking that a few times a day.

Nu: What game are you looking most forward to in 2008?
Prototype looks pretty slick. Also I really want to play Gears of War 2 and Unreal Tournament 3.

Nu: Do you have an all time favorite game, for any console or the PC?
I hate to sound like a one track record here (or should I say looping mp3 so I relate to the youngsters in the audience) but Halo: Combat Evolved. I’ve probably clocked more hours on the original Halo than done anything else. I also made a great group of friends setting up lan games of Halo in my old college dorm.

Nu: Do you have any gaming buddies you frequently play with / want to make almost as famous as you?
I guess I’d have to give a shout out to LanisND. I’ve known him since high school, and he is responsible for me getting into Halo.

Nu: Any parting words for the droves of readers?
I think Caligula summed up my usual attitude perfectly. “Oderint dum metuant.” It’s latin for “Let them hate, so long as they fear.” I look forward to meeting and stomping all of you on Live at some point.