Xbox 360’s License Migration Tool

The Xbox 360 was really the console that made downloadable content a standard.  Weather it was horse armor or Xbox Live Arcade games, or even movies and music, Xbox Live has really made downloading to your console a standard in the gaming industry.


Unfortunately, thanks to software piracy that even I was a part of in my younger days, it became necessary for Microsoft to tag the things you download with licenses that tie directly to the console you’re downloading them to.  But what if you suffer from the dreaded 3 Red Lights?  Or if you just wanted to buy a bigger hard drive, or to buy the latest and greatest Xbox 360 Slim?  Where does all of that money you spent on downloads go?  Lucky for you, there’s the Microsoft License Migration Tool.  It’s a little bit of a pain in the neck, but it’s far better than losing the hundreds of dollars you may have spent if you’re like me.


The website does a great job of walking you through the process, I’ve had to do it twice myself (once for a Red Ring of Death and once when I upgraded to an Elite).  It really is pretty simple, and if you have questions, you’re in luck, because Microsoft has a Frequently Asked Questions page about the process, so you can read up, be confident, and migrate!

Xbox 360’s Ring of Light




Ever seen that ring of light that lights up when you start up the console, and corresponds to which controller is connected?  It’s also used to diagnose problems with the Xbox 360.  Nothing new, we all know about the “Red Ring of Death.”


But did you know that Microsoft has provided you with an easy way to figure out what the lights mean, AND even how to try and solve your issues?  Microsoft has created the official Flashing Lights Wizard.  It will walk you through the process of troubleshooting your Xbox 360, and even help you get it serviced, if it comes right down to faulty hardware.  It’s quick, easy, and provides all the information you should need to try and fix your on Xbox 360. 


Be sure to check it out on!

Resetting the Xbox 360's video display settings to default


Have you ever turned on the Xbox 360 and been able to hear it but not see it?  Maybe you were tinkering with video options in the Settings menu, or maybe you were at a friend’s house and had your Xbox hooked up differently than normal and when you brought it home, no dice.  Whatever the cause, if you can hear the dashboard sound effects or whatever game is in the tray, but not see the screen, the solution is simple!


First, remove any games from the console, then make sure the Xbox 360 is completely off.  Then, on the controller you’re going to turn the console on from, press and hold the "Y" button while pulling the RIGHT TRIGGER (not the right "Bumper" or shoulder button – the trigger down below).  Now press the Guide Button on your controller to turn on the 360 (you can release that button once the system starts to turn on).  Keep holding both the Right Trigger and the "Y" button down, even through the startup sounds and when you hear dashboard sound effects.  After a while the screen will flicker and video will reset to the out-of-the-box low resolution defaults, and from there you can customize your settings again!


That’s your Xbox tip of the week for our first week back.  I hope someone out there, some day, finds it useful!