Resetting the Xbox 360's video display settings to default

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Have you ever turned on the Xbox 360 and been able to hear it but not see it?  Maybe you were tinkering with video options in the Settings menu, or maybe you were at a friend’s house and had your Xbox hooked up differently than normal and when you brought it home, no dice.  Whatever the cause, if you can hear the dashboard sound effects or whatever game is in the tray, but not see the screen, the solution is simple!


First, remove any games from the console, then make sure the Xbox 360 is completely off.  Then, on the controller you’re going to turn the console on from, press and hold the "Y" button while pulling the RIGHT TRIGGER (not the right "Bumper" or shoulder button – the trigger down below).  Now press the Guide Button on your controller to turn on the 360 (you can release that button once the system starts to turn on).  Keep holding both the Right Trigger and the "Y" button down, even through the startup sounds and when you hear dashboard sound effects.  After a while the screen will flicker and video will reset to the out-of-the-box low resolution defaults, and from there you can customize your settings again!


That’s your Xbox tip of the week for our first week back.  I hope someone out there, some day, finds it useful!