Music Monday– 2009 – One eskimO self titled

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Available in vanilla and deluxe, the 2009 album from band One eskimO only showed up on my radar this year.  But I’m guessing by the end of this summer it will be on more people’s radar.  Want proof?  My money says you’ll recognize the song Kandi if you give it a listen, and if your can’t stop yourself from singing along, then I suggest you check out the entire album.  Several very strong tracks offer catchy hooks, but with a very rare lyrical substance.


The songs really strike at your core, and there is a reason the band has been placing the track Kandi on every sampler and demo they’ve put out since 2004.  The oldest things I’ve been able to get ahold of are all from right around the same time, but they may be different recording sessions or just different mixes of the same recordings.  Still, the band sounds consistent. They have a style that they don’t want to step away from, no matter what the record labels want them to do.  Enjoy the genuine sound while it exists, and here’s hoping the get the recognition they deserve before their next album where they have to make something radio-friendly and poppy.  If it does happen?  We’ll always have their self-titled “debut” album.