An FTP client for your Android? AndFTP

When I first downloaded AndFTP, I thought it would be a novelty app – giving me the ability to access my FTP servers on the road. How quaint. Now? I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times AndFTP has come to my rescue. It’s a free app, and works amazingly well. There is also a Pro Version which allows easy folder syncing!

Not just that, but I really find that the developer, LYESOFT has a TON of useful apps, including a Samba Share browser, and even a simple File Explorer if you just don’t like using Astro or one of the other “defacto” File System browsers available for the Android. I encourage you to give them a look!

Android Unable to Mount SD Card solved!

This isn’t quite my normal “From the Help Desk” kind of tip for a tech-tip-Tuesday, but I ran in to it last week and thought you might want to know about it.

I recently received an error from my Android, after a reboot, that it was unable to mount my SD Card, and suggested that it may need formatting. Bad sign. I wasn’t about to Format my SD Card and lose everything to “fix” the issue. I would have to reinstall a ton of apps, I would lose photos, music, and other documents on the card… no, I wasn’t going to have any part of this.

I removed and reinserted the card several times, rebooted the phone multiple times: nothing worked. Finally I inserted the card in to my laptop’s SD Card reader, and even then I was greeted with the same error message, that I would need to format the disk. Again, no thanks. So here’s all I had to do:

Before continuing: it is possible that this process will not fix your card, it may be beyond normal repair, but this is just a suggestion that was able to get me back in business. Something is corrupt that is causing this issue, and there may be some applications or data on the card that is corrupted during the “repair” process, you may lose some data in thies proess. Again, although typically minimal if at all, this “fix” can result in data loss. Also, this is likely not a PERMANENT solution for you – the card is probably beginning to go bad and should be replaced as soon as possible.

With the card inserted in to the computer, it should be assigned a drive letter (for example, “E:“). If you’re in the “Computer” (Windows 7) or “My Computer” (Windows XP) screen, you’ll see the drive listed, with a letter, but if you double click on it, it will prompt you to format the sd card. DO NOT format the card.

1) Open a command prompt:
Windows 7: Start > search for CMD > click the program listed as CMD with the little black icon
Windows XP: Start > Run > cmd > OK (or enter)

2) In the command prompt that appears type the following (note, in my example, my SD Card was given the drive letter of E: – but replace the E: with whatever letter your card has been assigned in My Computer):
chkdsk E: /f /r
Then press ENTER.

You will see the computer run a checkdisk process on the sd card. It will repair whatever is wrong with the filesystem and you’ll most likely be able to use the card in your phone again. But do not ignore this warning – the card is clearly beginning to fail and you should move important data off of it and REPLACE the card entirely as soon as possible, copying all of your data to a new card!

If you don’t have an SD Card Adapter like the one pictured above, or any other way to connect your SD Card to your computer, I do not know of any way to perform this process while the card is still inside your phone, sorry.

2003 – Adam Green – Friends of Mine

It’s Music Monday! This is a little bit older of an album than I usually suggest to people, but I’m all about helping you find things you probably haven’t heard, but should. Adam Green was co-founder of the band The Moldy Peaches, who’s 2000 self-titled album Moldy Peachesincluded a song entitled Anyone Else But You, which you most likely recall from Juno(2007).

But if you forget how much you hate the movie Juno (after all, remember how you loved it before everyone else loved it, too?), and forget whatever little you might now about The Moldy Peaches, you can go in to this album and truly enjoy it. It’s very much an easy listening album, and it’s what crooners all might have sounded like if they had the guts. The lyrics walk a fine line between poetic genius and babbling idiocy and the best part is, it never matters for a second whether or not it makes sense, because it just sounds so beautiful. There’s a reason this 2003 gem was re-released last year.

Store your 360's saved games in the cloud

Time for our Xbox Tip of the Week! This one is pretty straight forward. With the recent release of the dashboard update for the Xbox 360, Gold subscribers have access to Cloud Storage. The benefit? You can save your game, go to a friend’s house, and load your progress there! No need to remember to bring a Memory Unit, or even a flash drive! It’s a handy little feature, and it seems that many games will natively support it by treating it just like another storage option – but if your game is already saved on your hard drive, how do you move it to the cloud?

Well, you can read all of the details on’s support article, but basically you just need to go to the Settings page, then select Storage, select the hard drive, choose Games, find the game in question, then select on the save game file. The next screen should have a MOVE option – move it up to the Cloud Storage option, and you’re set! Then when you log in on another console, your save game will be available to you. No games lost!

I need to do a little home work and find out if this feature is available for Games for Windows Live – where you’re more likely to format your hard drive and lose your data (and if not, when?).