Relocated to…

For those who followed this site, thank you. I assumed that announcing things on twitter, etc… Would make sure everyone knew… But i have started a new blog at

I want to thank everyone who kept this site going, I was glad to be of service. The new blog is a mixture of gaming, personal, and tech, although it’s even less active than WinBreak was, due to a whole new life having started (moved, started a new job, etc…). But for the dedicated, you can always keep up with me on and, of course, Twitter.

See you there.

Change your Xbox on screen keyboard to QWERTY

If you don’t have a chatpad for your Xbox 360 becaue you don’t send enough messages, but you have a hard time finding your way around the Xbox 360’s on screen ABCD keyboard, this one’s for you.


It’s quick, and easy:

  • From the Dashboard roller, select My Xbox. Then navigate all the way to the right and select System Settings.
  • Select Console Settings.
  • Select Language and Locale.
  • You’ll notice on the right hand side English is already selected. But let’s keep going. Select Language.
  • Here you can select Eglish (QWERTY).

Now, when sending messages to friends or Redeeming codes, you’ll be greated with a more familiar standard US Keyboard layout!

Video of the Week: JoCo plays Still Alive

To celebrate this week’s release of Portal 2, I thought I would make this week’s video of the week a clip of Joco playing the song for an interview.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie.





Jonathan Coulton was the guy who wrote the song that plays during the end credits of Portal.  Right after the game was released, he wrote an amazing blog post about the song, including lyrics and tablatures.