Microsoft keeps letting me down, why I do I keep coming back?

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We’re tired of your undelivered promises, Microsoft.

I don’t care if PC sales are still declining, or who outsold whom, or how poor your messaging can be from time to time. What I’m absolutely tired of is feeling like I’m being lied to.

I understand the projects come and go and things get canceled, but with projects like Microsoft Garage delivering hit or miss applications on other platforms like Android, the least you can do is deliver something on your own platforms.

  • More than 10 years ago, I was promised a revolutionary new WinFS file system as part of Longhorn – and even after waiting years and years, Vista came and went, so have many other subsequent versions of Windows, all still rocking NTFS.
  • Later, we were promised cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360. We got Shadowrun. Maybe a handful of other titles. This is only STARTING to take off again in 2017, but we’re still a long way from some of the visions we were hoping for many years ago.
  • In a Major Nelson podcast from many years ago (I wish I had the specific episode, it’s long gone, but circa 2009-2010), we were told to “hang on to our Games for Windows Live” product keys – making it sound as though either some sort of cross-platform-buy was planned, or we would be able to toss the discs and keep the key as some sort of Steam-like platform came to PC’s, but nothing ever happened, and at this point I’ve paid for the first Gears of War game about four different times!
  • My bank dropped support of Windows Phone due to low usage, despite Microsoft’s (lackluster) efforts to retain developers.
  • One such unfulfilled promised app was Snapchat. How did that work out?
  • Oh, and remember when Microsoft said they were hoping to have a new version of Movie Maker? You know, since the previous version is officially no longer supported by Microsoft?
  • Most recently I got into a civilized disagreement with a Microsoft Edge developer who didn’t recall the promise that nearly 100% of Chrome plugins would be compatible with Microsoft Edge browser. Really? You don’t remember that? Because the Internet does. Yet, here we stand, with still just a fraction of the extensions. Yeah, we got the important ones, but many still aren’t updated as frequently nor do they have the same features.
  • Updated items:

  • New Story Remix will launch without half of its advertised features, particularly the ability to add 3D objects.

I could go on. Maybe from time to time I’ll update this article with things that I was hoping to see but was frsutrated to never get. I whole heartedly admit that I’m a Microsoft “fanboy.” But sometimes it can be, man. Really hard.