The “X As A Service” Business Model has Become Over Saturated

Amazon Prime. Netflix. Hulu. Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Game Pass. Pandora. Texture. Spotify Premium. Groove Music Pass. YouTube Red. Office 365. Loot Crate. PlayStation Plus. Audible. Sling. Patreon subscriptions. Apple Music. NFL Game Pass. MLB TV. NHL Center Ice.

If you’re like me, you subscribe to more than a handful of these services. Each one takes a small slice out of your pocket book, every month. Should you ever stop paying for that service, it all vanishes. At what point do we collectively decide we’ve had enough, and go back to paying for something once and only once? Continue reading “The “X As A Service” Business Model has Become Over Saturated”

A possible solution for security conscious travelers?

In an era where international travelers are being asked for social media accounts at the border, or the fifth amendment is under attack by forcing you to potentially incriminate yourself by unlocking your phone using a fingerprint (recent good news on that front), there are new concerns when it comes to security and privacy when traveling Continue reading “A possible solution for security conscious travelers?”