We’ll miss you, Satoru Iwata

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A Sad day, indeed, to hear of the passing of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. The same type of cancer that took my mother

Although Miyamoto’s work as more well known as the creator of Mario, Iwata had a massive influence on Nintendo’s current role as the nostalgia machine they are. In 2002, Iwata became Nintendo’s 4th ever president (the company made playing cards and other novelty games since 1889 in Japan, long before they became known for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980’s). Iwata was an influential part of Nintendo “after my era,” but there is no denying his decisions have in some way had at least some small impact on my life. Following him in the news, reading his interviews, and playing his company’s games. To my knowledge, there was no public notice that he had any health conditions at all, and this is going to create a huge shock throughout the gaming community. He will be missed by millions of people like me, who sometimes take our silly little industry a tad too seriously, but would have it no other way.