Two "Slims?" Xbox 360 S vs. E differences

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In June of 2013, Microsoft revised the Xbox 360 console yet again. If you thought the “Slim” was the final say, you should know that there was one more change to the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 S was followed by the Xbox 360 E. The big differences are mostly cosmetic, however it is important to note the power requirements of each console: the S uses 135 watts and the E uses only a 120 watt power supply. A minor change is the number of USB ports, from 5 on the S to 4 on the E. Below is the full breakdown. The picture came from an article on syncing controllers, and the rest from a spec sheet.

FeatureXbox 360 EXbox 360 S
Console ColorBlackBlack
MemoryAvailable with either 4GB Flash & 250GB Hard DriveAvailable with either 4GB Flash & 250GB Hard Drive
Disk DriveYesYes
Built in Wi-Fi802.11n (compatible with b/g/n networks)802.11n (compatible with b/g/n networks)
USB Ports45
AV PortYes (3.5 MM port)Yes (proprietary port)
Optical Out/SPDIF PortNo*Yes
Kinect PortYesYes
HDMI PortYesYes
Wireless ControllerYesYes
AV CableYes (3.5 MM A/V Cable)Yes (Proprietary AVIP Composite Cable)
Kinect Bundle AvailableYesYes
Xbox Live CapableYesYes
Power CableYesYes
Hardware Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty on Console (90 Days on Accessories)1 Year Limited Warranty on Console (90 Days on Accessories)

*Accessories and A/V receivers that require a S/PDIF port for digital audio or full functionality will not work.