Fing – Network Scanner & Tools for your phone or tablet

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I was introduced to Fing recently at work. It is an astonishingly powerful network scanner you can run from a smartphone or tablet. It is available on Android through Google Play or iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store.

Features include:

  • network discovery.
  • service scan (TCP port scan).
  • ping.
  • traceroute.
  • DNS lookup.
  • Wake on LAN.
  • TCP connection tester.
  • MAC address and vendor gathering.
  • Scans the open ports to find available services. It uses a fast engine that supports hundreds of well-known ports, that you can customize with your own.
  • Translates IP addresses to its Domain Names, and reverse.
  • Works also with hosts outside your local network.
  • Tracks when a device has gone UP or DOWN, keeping disconnected devices in the list.
  • Discovers NetBIOS names.