Adobe Acrobat has not been installed clicking PDF links? Solved!

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Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is already installed on your computer, this is one thing you’re sure of. But every time you click a link to a PDF, you get a big paragraph of an error message which starts with: “Adobe Acrobat Reader has not been installed on your computer…” – but if you save the PDF and open it, it works fine. It’s a strange glitch I’ve seen more than a few times in Adobe Reader. Here’s the quick fix:

  1. Open Adobe Reader from your start menu.
  2. Click Edit from the menu bar.
  3. Click Preferences at the bottom.
  4. Click Internet on the left.
  5. Check the box to Display PDF in Browser.

Now be sure to close both Adobe Acrobat and all open browsers. Then re-open the browser and try another PDF link. Fixed!