Store your 360's saved games in the cloud

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Time for our Xbox Tip of the Week! This one is pretty straight forward. With the recent release of the dashboard update for the Xbox 360, Gold subscribers have access to Cloud Storage. The benefit? You can save your game, go to a friend’s house, and load your progress there! No need to remember to bring a Memory Unit, or even a flash drive! It’s a handy little feature, and it seems that many games will natively support it by treating it just like another storage option – but if your game is already saved on your hard drive, how do you move it to the cloud?

Well, you can read all of the details on’s support article, but basically you just need to go to the Settings page, then select Storage, select the hard drive, choose Games, find the game in question, then select on the save game file. The next screen should have a MOVE option – move it up to the Cloud Storage option, and you’re set! Then when you log in on another console, your save game will be available to you. No games lost!

I need to do a little home work and find out if this feature is available for Games for Windows Live – where you’re more likely to format your hard drive and lose your data (and if not, when?).