2003 – Adam Green – Friends of Mine

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It’s Music Monday! This is a little bit older of an album than I usually suggest to people, but I’m all about helping you find things you probably haven’t heard, but should. Adam Green was co-founder of the band The Moldy Peaches, who’s 2000 self-titled album Moldy Peachesincluded a song entitled Anyone Else But You, which you most likely recall from Juno(2007).

But if you forget how much you hate the movie Juno (after all, remember how you loved it before everyone else loved it, too?), and forget whatever little you might now about The Moldy Peaches, you can go in to this album and truly enjoy it. It’s very much an easy listening album, and it’s what crooners all might have sounded like if they had the guts. The lyrics walk a fine line between poetic genius and babbling idiocy and the best part is, it never matters for a second whether or not it makes sense, because it just sounds so beautiful. There’s a reason this 2003 gem was re-released last year.