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What is Audiogalaxy?  Brilliant, that’s what!




If you remember the name from about 2001, you may be thinking of that program that was just like the original Napster, or Kazaa, or LimeWire.  But now they’ve turned over a new leaf.  Where Amazon just recently released their Cloud Player, and in the process angered a lot of record labels, Audio Galaxy is trying to tip toe around the subject of “ownership.”  Rather than hosting your files for you, the mp3s never actually leave your computer in their current form – they are streamed directly from your PC to your handset.  With Audiogalaxy installed on my Android, I can go anywhere and take well over 30,000 songs with me.  I’m absolutely in love with Audiogalaxy.


I don’t know what their business model will be, or how they intend to make money, but I’ll tell you what: I’m onboard so far.  I love their service, even more than Amazon’s free 5 GB of web space.  I will be a paying subscriber, just as long as their prices are competitive with Amazons (which, since they will be providing the servers and the bandwidth, but not the storage, they should be able to compete, even with Amazon).


Sign up on then install the app for your phone!