1 of 5: Google Goggles

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Today is the very special App Wendesday!  I’m bringing you a new app worth checking out every few hours, a total of 5 apps today.


First?  You need Google Goggles.  That way you can really use those QR codes that are popping up all over the world.  You know, like this one?




See?  What do you do with that!?  I’ll tell you what.  You install Google Goggles on your phone from the Android Market, and let it do the rest.  But you can do so much more with it.  Search for a company logo, search for images similar to something you’re seeing right now, or even product search.  Scan a barcode on a product box and search for it online, because we know the in store displays never have enough information.


Want to know more about how Google Goggles works?  Watch the video below.