Xbox 360 "Pro" going away?

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Will Microsoft be dropping the “Pro” and console from the international lineup?

Recently, pictures of these boxes began to appear on international shopping sites, but only new box designs for the Arcade and Elite have shown up thus far. The new box designs are part of the Microsoft rebranding, to include the new Xbox Live Avatar characters on everything from Microsoft Point cards to Gold subscriptions. The “back of box” shots also include new slogans. For the Arcade: “Fun For One, Fun For All”

And for the Elite: “Unleash the full power of Entertainment”

I guess we’ll be forced to wait and see if a new “Pro” box design appears, or if Microsoft is pushing for maximum storage? Note that, at this time, the box redesign does still show the Elite at 120GB, as opposed to the hopes and dreams of many podcasters and bloggers (including myself) have recently been wondering if Microsoft intended to put out a 250GB drive. Something else we’ll all just have to wait for.