Mega Man 9 hits XBLA

I nearly forgot that today was the great day when my childhood returns in the form of Mega Man 9!

Some backstory: I was always late to gaming, got my 360 around it’s 1 year anniversary, and never even had an NES until after the Super Nintendo had come out… my first NES game other than Mario/Duckhunt was Mega Man 3 – to this day I still have that original game cart. To this day I maintain that it is the best Mega Man in the series.

Like many, when Mega Man “X” came out, my friends and I called it Mega Man 10, it was logical, but there weren’t 9 Mega Man games before it. Something needed to fill the gap! Even without playing it, yet, I believe that this game will fill the gap in the Mega Man saga, and look forward to the challenges it will bring. I intend to try the demo tonight, and will probably end up buying the game (possibly along with the Protoman “add on” {rip off!}, I need the slide mechanic!). Going through way too many MSPoints lately, and will keep going, at least until SSFIIHDR comes out!

War World on Arcade: Mech Mayhem ensues

War World released today on the XBLA, featuring the kind of MECH combat that we haven’t seen in a long while. I haven’t seen any video of this game yet, so I’m excited to get my hands on the demo, and get a feel for the pacing. I couldn’t stand Chromehounds because of the trot-along pace it made you start off with, so here’s hoping for some quick style matches.

The game boasts 100 arcade style levels, 16 different mechs, 2-4 player co-op, and additional 8-player multiplayer modes. It even claims to have “fast paced” multiplayer, just what I was looking for! I’m quite interested in checking out this 800 MSPoint beauty!