Weekend Review: Blogging Fuzzy Edition

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I’m having a strange off sort of day… just can’t seem to focus. So I thought I would take just a couple of minutes to clear my fuzzy mind! So, let’s play catch up, shall we?

  • Yet another crime balmed on video games.
  • Microsoft sticks to their guns about mods for games… and… you know… that they’re bad.
  • Sony’s PS3 is dealing with (or denying) a few problems of their own.
  • A sweet sequel appears, 5 years overdue, will be hitting the multiplatform scene.
  • The 360 is still in a sales slump in Japan.
  • Daniel Maher leaves Playstation.com team to join Europe’s expanding Inside Xbox team.
  • Mystery game codenamed Project RedLime still unknown. The guys who brought you The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay are likely to take the reigns of one of Origin’s classic franchises, my hopes are pinned with the WCNews guys, wishing for Wing Commander. But anything could be in store.

You all caught up? I thought so. 😉