Gamers can be Givers, too…

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I’m going to apologize up front if this post drags on, but it’s something that should be said.

So I downloaded a recent podcast episode of GamerTagRadio, a staple in the Xbox Live Community. In the opening minutes of the show, Godfree made a remark that he was “disappointed” in the Xbox Live Community. I listened intently. He made it clear that he didn’t want to stand on a soap box and preach, that wasn’t his role, but as one of the most famous and powerful podcasters in the community, he wanted to bring charity into the limelight.

The point was made that late breaking news spreads like wildfire, but what about the good things gamers do?

You may have heard a few things about RagingJellyBean and the Halo 3 Tournament to help get her surgery. If you’ve been asking “How does playing Halo give a girl a new kidney?” – why haven’t you clicked a link to find out more? The tournament has a $10 entry fee, and all proceeds will go to the fund trying to help RJB! In another case, a Guitar Hero III tournament will be brought together by a large group of gamers, Red Octane, GTR, & SFX360 (South Florida Xbox 360 Meetup), all for the benefit of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And my good buddy DeaconBlade 360, over at his Unscripted 360, has been doing everything in his power to get a poor kid who was robbed a 360. Maybe not as huge a charity, but still a great thing to try and take over. I’ve been supporting it as much as possible, and I will continue to promote this, and many other charity events in the future.

I am cooking up a few things of my own, and I found out my sister (send her a message!) spent some time at an event I can only assume was a tie in between Hollywood princess Dakota Fanning, GameCrazy stores, and Child’s Play. Momentum is growing, and these charities are doing good things, but, as Godfree and crew said, it’s our job as the bloggers and podcasters to help spread the word. A post in a forum is sometimes all we can do, but independent journalist have the duty of spreading the word as best they can. So keep it up, folks. I know I will!

GTR & SFX360 Sponsors GH III Tournament April 5th Fundraiser Event to benefit LLS
Finish RJB’s Fight
Child’s Play Charity
U360 Cares

5 thoughts on “Gamers can be Givers, too…

  1. I am the infamous sister and I attended an event with Starlight Starbright ( which is an organization that helps get video games and other fun distractors to kids with serious illnesses. They partner with GameCrazy among others. I went as a guest of GameCrazy. There were a bunch of Disney kid actors and Nickelodeon (think Ali & AJ, Zack and Cody, Aria Wallace, Mira Sorvino, and I think a couple of High School Musical) actor kids there in a hotel ballroom and they had arts and crafts and Wiis. We set up the units and got the kids’ minds off being sick for a few hours. Totally a worthwhile cause.

  2. Good post and I agree we all need to help with what we can. I’m hoping the U360 Care event happens soon, its one that caught my eye and I game a little to that. I would have done the Halo thing, but schedules kept me from that. On another note, I’m working to help sponsor my wife in her 3 day walk for Breast Cancer to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure this November. It’s a goal of mine this year to help out with a few things like this, so I haven’t heard the show yet, but I would say I agree with his comments and your post. Oh, almost forgot I’m doing a ride on my motorcycle in conjuntion with my work to raise money for St. Jude too. 🙂

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