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Maybe it’s just not on the news, but I just don’t hear about this stuff very often. A family, without renter’s insurance, got robbed last week, in the middle of the day. Adults at work, kids at school, BAM. TV, laptop, everything… just like a team of movers stopped by.

Well, here’s the fun part. I found out about this through my involvement with the Xbox community.

DeaconBlade 360, the host and founder of Unscripted 360, posted the story on his blog. A) Because he knew the family. B) Because one of the kids saved up his own money to buy his own Xbox 360, and a week later it gets stolen.

One of the users on the site, TheRhymeScheme, came up with the idea of setting up a fund to get this kid a new 360. I seconded the notion, and away we went. We’re getting close, and have the support of KonsoleKingz.com, and are spreading the word even higher up the chain – but for now, we’re just kind of doing what we can.

People here have made donations to my former websiteNuAngel.net, others in websites I am a member of have simply and genuinely helped me in a time of need. “Pay It Forward” (not the movie) is important to me, the idea of helping people, who may in turn help someone else… showing that not everybody is BAD.

This isn’t some armless legless goatless boy in kurblakastan, or some huge scheme – I know these people, I talk to them over the phone regularly, play games with them on Xbox Live, will be meeting them this fall @ PAX… the robbery made local news in Dallas, TX. We will be getting photos of the “gift giving” when it’s all said and done. It’s legit.

Podcast where we (Deacon, myself, and others) talk about it in the first couple of minutes of the show.
That podcast link also contains the link to the original thread where we began the discussion.

The thread on U360 forums.

The Donation Link (PayPal) is embedded in the original post, and the podcast post, and at the top of MY post, here on WinBreak.com. Once you log in to PayPal, just tell’em NuAngel sent ya (“additional comments” right before you complete the transaction)!

Just wanted y’all to know.

Coming Soon: "Better Know a Gamer…"

You don’t know when it’s going to happen, or who it’s going to happen to. Better yet, you don’t have any clue what my criteria for selection will be – or if there even is any! Trixie has her Gamer Spotlights, Unscripted 360 has the Showcase – and I’m bringing you yet another gamer off the street segment: WinBreak.com’s Better Know a Gamer.

The BKAG (bee-cag) segments will be extremely brief interviews conducted to highlight members of online communities who may not otherwise be interviewed. These are not meant to be the gigantic interviews I hope to conduct throughout the year with recognizable faces, but really just a way to pick somone who may be pretty much unknown via our “Super Secret Selection System” and learn about one more of the ten million users on Xbox Live.

There will only be a very short and fairly standard set of questions for each candidate, but I hope to really do a lot of them! If you want to nominate yourself or someone you know as a potential candidate for Better Know a Gamer, please use the contact page. There is no shame in nominating yourself, and we don’t need long drawn out nomniation letters – we’re very accepting and friendly around here! Just give us a gamertag, and maybe an email address (and if you really want, a reason “why!”) and we’ll take care of the rest!

Keep your eyes peeled and watch your inboxes (on Xbox Live, Xbox.com forums, your email accounts, your various other web forums – you never know HOW I’m going to contact you!!), because VERY SOON, your name may pop up in our Super Secret Selection System for: Better Know a Gamer!