Take Me Home Tile for Windows Phone 7 – great uses!

Take Me Home Tile, at first, sounds like a pointless app that wouldn’t get much use on the average person’s phone. But I’ve come up with some excellent uses for it, already. First, a little background as to what Take Me Home Tile is and what it does.

Take Me Home Tile, available for Windows Phone 7 devices, is quick and easy to configure, then places a tile on your home screen which will open up the Maps application and provide driving directions to a configured location, from wherever you are right now. The idea is that you configure the tile for “home” and no matter where you are, you just tap the tile and find your way back. It sounds simple enough, but some people might not see a need. Although I admit that not everyone is going to need an app like this, I’ve come up with some other-case uses it may be good for.

Say, for instance, you are starting a new job. Maybe you’ve moved to a new city or it’s just in a part of town you’re not familiar with. You may want to configure the application to take you to work, instead of home from work. For the first few days you could use this app to quickly pull up directions so you don’t miss your turn while driving through unfamiliar territory. Hop in the car, tap the tile, and you’re on your way – you won’t make yourself late for work and you’ll arrive with confidence.

Another use could be for elderly drivers. Nobody wants to think about the time that may come to take some of the independence away from their parents or grand parents. It is sad to think that you may take the drivers license away from someone who has been driving for decades, and make them unable to go to the grocery store, or to drive to local events. But I, for one, have heard several stories of a driver who may have the physical abilities to drive, but have simply driven around for several hours, unable to remember where they lived. Their vision and muscle responses are fine, but may have early signs of Alzheimer’s – this doesn’t necessarily make them a danger on the road. Perhaps providing them with this application, with the easy to use tile interface of Windows Phone 7, you can make it simple for them to get back home, wherever they may roam to.

I’ve come to appreciate this app in a new light. What was a simple shortcut to Bing Maps and directions actually could serve some quite useful purposes for many people. I hope you find a use for Take Me Home Tile.

Justin.TV requires flash? Use jViewer for Windows Phone 7!

As I’ve discussed before, I’m a big fan of TWiT.TV – I watch several of the shows live, whenever I can. The problem is, all of their live streaming partners, at least right now, use Flash for their video players. This makes it difficult when you want to watch on your Windows Phone 7 device, without having to buy a 3rd party app.

Luckily, TWiT streams, along with thousands of others at any given time, using Justin.TV. jViewer Free solves the problem by allowing you to find the channel and stream it at will! You can even record streams to watch them later! The paid version is ad-free, but the free version is otherwise feature-complete. So check the apps out and enjoy!

Chase Mobile app comes to Windows Phone 7 – one big, happy, mobile banking family

I was pleased to see this week that the nation’s biggest bank, JP Morgan Chase (or, just Chase), has released a Windows Phone 7 app that is as full-featured as the Android and iOS counterparts. Check balances, pay bills, and even deposit checks to your account with the official Chase Mobile® app for Windows Phone 7.

And, just in case you’re looking, here are the iPad, iPhone, and Android versions.

SSH and Telnet on the go for Windows Phone 7

This week’s app is for the geeks out there. Too much attention is paid to how great Android is for the technophiles. Windows Phone 7 isn’t just for kids. The SSH Client for Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic, fully-featured SSH and Telnet client for your WP7 device. Yes, it even works with the Star Wars ASCII-Mation.

If you aren’t crazy about white on black or black on white, and you need a little more variety in your life, $1.49 will buy you The SSH Client Pro, which allows a richer color palette, custom gestures, the ability to run logon scripts, and a few other special tweaks for geeks!