Interview with “Ballz” / “Dogz” / “Catz” creator Keith Kirby

While doing research for a video on the game “Ballz” I reached out to the game’s “design and content” lead (according to the game’s instruction manual) Keith Kirby. I had just a few brief questions, but I truly appreciate him taking the time to answer what he could and chatting with me for a bit! I wanted to put the written version of the interview here for posterity, and comments from him will appear in episode 57 of OurStorySoFarTV. Continue reading “Interview with “Ballz” / “Dogz” / “Catz” creator Keith Kirby”

How to setup and use Port Forwarding & NAT in your Sonicwall

When it comes to trying to configure something that should be simple like “PORT FORWARDING” in a more complicated corporate firewall, like Dell’s SonicWall, it can sometimes be a bit difficult. There are many guides online that are needlessly complex, and some that are confusing and not helpful at all. I ended up combining a few until I was able to work out a process of my own that seems to work best.
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A brief interview with Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw

I was recently going back and replaying the old Half-Life for the purposes of making a YouTube video about it’s story line, and I noticed some peculiar things about how the story was told. It seemed wildly unique, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I reached out, completely cold, to Half-Life’s writer, Marc Laidlaw. While he admitted that just about everything that could be said about Half-Life has been said, he was kind enough to answer a few of my questions… so let’s dive in and see what he said!

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