It’s 2011… Why do politicians have jobs?

I don’t care what side of the isle you’re on, some things just don’t make sense.


When the United States was founded, because we were all spread out over hundreds and hundreds of miles, we had people speaking on our behalf.  You remember grade school, right? “No taxation without representation.”  We gave our input and our representative was supposed to vote how “we, the people” wanted them to vote.


Here in 2011, we have a voice of our own.  We can vote from a computer, or a mobile phone, and the results are instantaneous.  Just look at American Idol.  True, more people vote for than that WOULD likely vote for something like H.J. Res 37, but the point is: do we really need someone to “represent” us?  Don’t we have a voice of our own yet?  Anyone can be swayed by lobbyists, it’s obvious.  And it doesn’t take much to sway the American Public (as evidenced, again, by the popularity of American Idol), but I can’t help but think of that law of averages – checks and balances are built in to large sample-groups.  One lobbyist with deep pockets can have a much bigger effect on one congressman or senator who can’t resist a good bottle of scotch, or some fancy new clothes, or whatever other perks they seem to be giving out these days.


People are swayed by advertising, it’s true – and elections will continue to be bought and sold for generations to come, no matter what the voting system would happen to be.  But did the framers of our Constitution believe so firmly that the misinformed few should be represented in an electoral college by the easily tainted fewer?  I suppose they have their legitimate reasons: after all, a disturbingly large number of Americans still have no idea what the vetting process consists of and believe that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim.




So, some things just don’t make sense…  why don’t we do the voting ourselves, through “” or something?  Then again, you can reason your way through it pretty quickly when you realize just how easily misinformation spreads.  But, perhaps someday, the world won’t be filled with as many stupid people, and we’ll be able to answer for ourselves when asked important questions like what to name that new courthouse in Yuma, Arizona.  Voting isn’t pointless, it just seems like it sometimes.

Android App: Glass Widgets




Glass Widgets is an Android App that I stumbled on to one day and haven’t quit using since.  It was very early in it’s “beta’ phase – the developer put each beta test on the Android Market.  I offered some feedback and the developer immediately responded.  Since then I’ve watched this program grow into something amazing – he just recently started charging for some advanced features, but the price is low, and most people will fall in love with just the free product.


So what is it?  Widgets, on your home screen, offer all kinds of useful information.  In this case, it’s a pack of 3 widgets: one is an RSS feed reader, one is an agenda, and the last one is a clock / weather widget.  Getting time and temperature data from your Android home screen isn’t much of anything new these days, but to do it with style? And for free?  That’s unheard of.  Glass widgets lets you see the home screen “wallpaper” you’ve selected behind the widgets – their backdrops are mostly transparent, like you’re looking through, well, glass!  It even works with Live Wallpapers!  You owe it to yourself to at least check it out.  You can get it right from the Android Market, or if you’re on a PC right now, use Google Goggles on the QR Code Below and it will direct you to the market link!



Change Default Word 2007 2010 DOCX icon


Updated based on user feedback:

Ever see the icon above and asked “Help, my default DOCX icon has changed to something ugly! How do I solve this?”  If not, you’ve had good luck so far.  But some day you might, so commit this one to memory.

I had to deal with this issue on my girlfriend’s laptop just last month.  The DOCX icon had been replaced with this ugly icon.  Something had gone wrong with the file association, as well, but I had fixed that – still, the icon stayed.  I tried to edit literally DOZENS of Registry Keys, DWord Values, and expanding size entries…  I added things to my registry that weren’t there, changed the ones that were there, and rebooted dozens of times.  What finally fixed it?  Frustratingly simple.

Change the file association for .DOCX files to open with WordPad instead of MSWord (that’s where the ugly icon came from) – then set it back to MSWord.  Here’s how to do it:



  1. Right click the file, mouse over the “Open With” option at the bottom of the list of programs, click “Choose Default Program.”
  2. Select “WordPad” and hit OK.
  3. Once applied, open the menu back up, and now double click the Microsoft Office Word icon. The file should open with Word, then when you close it you’ll see the icon!

Hope this helps someone out there, some day!

Music Monday– 2009 – One eskimO self titled



Available in vanilla and deluxe, the 2009 album from band One eskimO only showed up on my radar this year.  But I’m guessing by the end of this summer it will be on more people’s radar.  Want proof?  My money says you’ll recognize the song Kandi if you give it a listen, and if your can’t stop yourself from singing along, then I suggest you check out the entire album.  Several very strong tracks offer catchy hooks, but with a very rare lyrical substance.


The songs really strike at your core, and there is a reason the band has been placing the track Kandi on every sampler and demo they’ve put out since 2004.  The oldest things I’ve been able to get ahold of are all from right around the same time, but they may be different recording sessions or just different mixes of the same recordings.  Still, the band sounds consistent. They have a style that they don’t want to step away from, no matter what the record labels want them to do.  Enjoy the genuine sound while it exists, and here’s hoping the get the recognition they deserve before their next album where they have to make something radio-friendly and poppy.  If it does happen?  We’ll always have their self-titled “debut” album.