Downloading your Gamertag to a new or a friend's Xbox 360

I had a friend over at my place this weekend and we wanted to play a few games. Since he hadn’t brought his gamertag with him on flash drive or anything, we decided to download his profile (or “Recover his Gamertag”) to my Xbox 360, so that some of his profile data and any achievements he unlocked while here, would all all be syncrhonized to his profile. It’s pretty easy to do, and here’s how we did it:

  1. Press the Guide Button on your controller
  2. Select Download Profile. A large screen will pop up and describe the process, go ahead and click Download Profile again.
  3. Enter Live ID (your email address)
  4. Enter password
  5. You’ll see a download status bar reading: “Hi GAMERTAG!” Downloading your Profile, Avatar info, etc…
  6. Sign in

Done! You don’t want to forget to re-recover your gamertag when you get home, or else some things will get out of sync. Microsoft has all of the good details on their website. The article also describes how to move your profile to a new console, or delete a profile, etc… useful stuff, enjoy!

Video: OXM's Exclusive Halo 4 Interview

OXM’s Ryan McCaffrey had an exclusive interview with 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor for a first look at Halo 4. They talk about “punchier” sound effects, revamped graphics, and new multiplayer map designs – including one level that will take place on a Forerunner shield world. It’s only a few minutes long, so cherish every minute of it, and go thank everyone at by subscribing to their magazine!

NOTE: The embed come seems to be hit and miss. If the video doesn’t load, follow this link to watch the video. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on it!

What's your gaming style?

On Fridays, we discuss video games. Thinking about my favorite childhood topic, and reminiscing with friends and co-workers this week, got me wondering how other people game. It all got me thinking about my style of gaming. I like to play one game at a time, until completion. It’s my own minor compulsive need. I’ve strayed from it a few times, but as someone who lives and dies by single player campaign games (I love a game with a good story line).

So, if you’ve read this far, leave a comment! We use Disqus, no need to register, it’s easy! So, tell me: are you the kind of person that needs to complete a game before you can move on to another? Are you multiplayer or singleplayer, primarily? If multiplayer, do you stick with one game for a long, long time – or do you hop on the next hot title, the minute the next Call of Duty or Halo or Gears of War title is released? Do tell, please! I’m looking forwar to seeing some responses.

What Microsoft wants to Accomplish with Windows 8

After the better part of a decade in the IT industry, I’ve learned one major thing: nobody wants to spend money. It blows my mind that computers, the things that all of your employees sit at for eight hours a day, are considered this horrible expense and a tedious chore to maintain or replace. It’s how our society runs. Wall Street runs on a series of computer programs and digital exchanges. When your computer fails and you’re stuck without one for three days, only then do you realize what a vital part of your business it is.

Why, then, do most companies not have a structure for replacing their PC’s? They keep them for a decade or more, until they don’t turn on one day, then “employee #326” gets a new computer. In my field of work, I’ve run in to slews of 10+ year old computers – and people want RAM upgrades, or hard drives replaced, rather than swapping out the entire unit for $150 more than they’re paying for this patch-work to keep them on life support.

So what does this poorly-planned businesss strategy have to do with Windows 8? It falls right in line with Microsoft’s master plan. Continue reading “What Microsoft wants to Accomplish with Windows 8”