Do Spin Offs strengthen or weaken a brand?

Remember Cheers? Remember Frasier? Now, remember The Tortellis? Nobody else does, either. The question of “do spin-offs strengthen or weaken the core brand?” is one that is difficult to answer. I certainly don’t plan to answer it here, but I can give you a few in-depth glances at franchises that have gone off the beaten path, and some that lived to tell the tale. Continue reading “Do Spin Offs strengthen or weaken a brand?”

Cable Companies still ignoring Cord Cutting

I haven’t had my own cable TV line since 2008. Well, I did, for about five weeks in 2010. Then I immediately shut it back down, because the bill was insane. I continue to get harassing phone calls from Time Warner Cable, trying to get me to reactivate, at all hours of the day and night. I tell them, perhaps if these special offers were their normal rates, I wouldn’t have left in the first place.

What saddens me most as how ostrich-like the cable companies remain. They say that people are leaving in record numbers, for economic reasons – not because they don’t like the service. Let that soak in. No, really – really let it soak. Because I, the consumer, don’t see enough value for my dollar, I quit using a particular service. But, the cable company thinks I only did it because I don’t have enough dollars in my bank account. How self righteous can an entire industry be!? Continue reading “Cable Companies still ignoring Cord Cutting”