NES Classic SNES Classic Nintendo game instruction manual PDF downloads

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I’ve previously done articles on PDFs of instruction manuals which were made available on Xbox’s official website, and providing a download mirror to files which are freely distributed on the official website. Today, I’m doing the same with several Nintendo documents I have located by searching the official Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan websites. As before, I make no claim to the copyright of these items and will take them down upon request, however I have done nothing illicit in obtaining these documents which were distributed freely on or

Manuals for NES Classic games (English: North American, European, Australia, New Zealand)

Manuals for SNES Classic games (English: USA)

Nintendo (3)DS, GameCube, Wii manuals (various languages: primarily Japanese, English)

MiscPDFs (marketing materials, origami patterns, annual financial reports, etc…)