How do I see who is “following” me on Facebook?

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People often get scared by some bum information that spreads around social media. Last week I saw a post about using a search function to find people who were “following me.” Trouble was, it was actually just returning results of people with the words “following me” in their profile! So I did my friends a favor and whipped up a quick guide to see who is “following you” on Facebook.

First thing to note: following doesn’t really mean anything, especially if you two aren’t “friends.” It just means that your posts marked PUBLIC will show up in their timeline. No big deal (you marked it PUBLIC, right?).

Second, if you want to know who is ACTUALLY following you:

  1. Go to your friends list
  2. Hit the “MORE” button on the right
  3. then hit “Following.”

If you don’t like what you see in that list, you can click the “Manage” pencil icon and then the “Edit Privacy” button in the upper right (see screen shot above).