Microsoft “Windows 365” is coming, eventually

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Confirming beliefs that the Windows operating system would be made available as a subscription based piece of software, in February Microsoft officially trademarked “Windows 365” at the United States Patent Office.

The filing “Goods and Services” portion uses some new phrasing, along with some old, including things like: “operating software as a service (OSAAS); platform as a service (PAAS); software as a service (SAAS); infrastructure as a service (IaaS); desktop as a service (DAAS); cloud services…” It’s pretty clear what Microsoft intends to do, but we knew it was coming. The question is, when. After the first year of Windows 10? When Windows 11 arrives? It will be interesting to see what the plan is.

On an unrelated note, those who think Microsoft will be releasing their own brand of Linux or Unix in the next few years might be interested in knowing that Microsoft has not renewed their trademark on the Xenix name – a 1970’s Unix variant Microsoft originally licensed from AT&T.