100,000 and growing

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In late January 2012 I re-launched this website. I had this site (NuAngel.net) from 1999 to 2005. I then started another site (WinBreak) from 2006-2011, then repurchased the first domain and combined the two sites in 2012. At that time, I reset all statistics and started counting from scratch.

Fall 1999 – August 2003 I had about 50,000 views. Then I stopped tracking. I started tracking stats again in 2007. 2008 alone saw almost 89,000 views on the site. I have since adjusted the way I keep stats, using a few combined methods. In January of 2012, when I merged WinBreak into NuAngel.net, I reset the counters.

Relying exclusively on my WordPress install (the software my website runs on), it is safe to say that in less than 24 hours, I’ll hit 100,000 views. Sure, there are lots sites that get tens of thousands, even millions of views every day… but considering I get to watch my day to day traffic pattern increase, I’m loving the milestones. Getting 50 views every day, 100, 150… nearly topping 200 every day, having stand-out days with nearly a thousand views.

Google Analytics reports around 88,000 page views over the same time frame… a discrepancy of 12,000 is substantial, but at the same time, the charts show the same thing: an upward trend in people visiting. Seeking answers to technical questions. I’m glad I could help!

100,000 and continuing to grow. Super exciting. Thank you.