Just enjoy the moment

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Thursdays are my “personal thoughts” on the site… but this week I don’t want to get too heavy. I just want to enjoy the moment, and be glad for my life, which passes just fine for “normal.”

After news broke this week that missing girls who had been kidnapped over the last decade were found alive, being held captive, it made everyone in the country take a quiet moment. The girls are returning home and so far, I’ve yet to see people blame the government, or foreign terrorists, or domestic terrorists, or guns, or invent a conspiracy theory, or any complete nut-case talk about “legitimate rape,” or say that the girls must’ve been kidnapped because of how they were dressed.

No, this time, we’re all just relieved. Universally glad to hear of a positive outcome, nobody is blaming anybody else. Sometimes, people are just bad. Sometimes there isn’t order. Sometimes there is only chaos. Not everything gets to make sense. It is scary. But the world isn’t a controlled system, much as we’d like it to be. Some people really are just monsters. Unpredictable variables lie behind every decision made by every individual. These girls still have a long road ahead of them before anything is normal again. But it’s as close to a happy moment as we get, ever so rarely. Take a deep breath, and enjoy it, before the next storm hits.