Microsoft Photosynth

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See that? It’s my living room in my little apartment. What’s very interesting is that it is a 3D interactive 360 degree view. This was made in just about a minute. I opened the Photosynth App on my Windows Phone and it took several snapshots, then put them together in one interactive image. Trying to do a full 360 wasn’t always easy, especially if you have an area of something like a solid colored wall, and you can even see where my angles got screwed up a little and my TV got split in two.

Still, despite its flaws, the fact that I can carry something this cool in my pocket is not lost on me. Technology like this was literally thousands of dollars, not long ago. You use the app to take the photos, it sends them to the server, where they get stitched together.

My app crashed a couple of times trying to capture my environment, but the app doesn’t get a lot of love from Microsoft. It could be updated more often and could be improved, but it’s still so much fun to tinker with! If you’re not a Windows Phone geek like me, you can also check it out on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and there are even tools for your Windows computers. I’m a huge fan of this and enjoy tinkering with it. It’s not perfect, but it’s very cool.