MyScript Calc – great math app for students!

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MyScript Calc is a wonderful tool available on both iOS and Android. The instant I saw it, I knew this was the kind of app that could immediately be used to help kids in school learn math. It I a calculator, that recognizes your normal hand written numbers on a tablet or smartphone. So you write the math problem out, and it spits out an answer. It’ much like using a calculator, but helps kids get in the habit of writing the problem out properly.

I’m terrible at math. Some things I can do extremely quickly, but only the basics (I was tallying my tax totals faster than my accountant this week, for example). I was terrible from algebra onward. A tool like this may have helped! Now, I haven’t had a chance to toy around with it much, yet, because I was so anxious to tell people about it, so I’m not sure how well it understands the Order of Operations and how you might write it out – but from what I have seen it is quite a smart application. It’s not going to give you the square root of negative one, but it can certainly crunch a lot of calculations quickly. So go ahead and check out MyScript Calc on iOS or Android!