Xbox Live Gold vs Silver? Gold has its benefits!

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I think by now a lot of people still know the benefits of Xbox Live Gold over Silver accounts… the biggest of which involves actually playing games online! But what are some others? Here’s a quick run down of some of the features you only get by going gold:

  • Unlimited online multiplayer
  • Access to Instant Watch apps like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, UFC, and ESPN
  • Exclusive deal-priced downloads of Games on Demand, Xbox Live Arcade, DLC, and even movies and music
  • Early and exclusive access to game previews and demos
  • Access to music apps like Last.FM and iHeartRadio
  • Voice and video chat with Xbox Live Vision Camera or Kinect

There are loads of other benefits to going gold, so why don’t you follow the steps in the video above to sign up for Gold? If, for some reason the video changes down the road or doesn’t want to play, I won’t leave you hanging! You can always upgrade your silver account to a Gold account by visiting the Manage Subscription page.