irc999 – free IRC on the iPad

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A few weeks ago, I was looking for a simple chat solution to connect me in to an IRC channel on the go. I had my iPad handy and searched for IRC applications. A plethora of paid apps that I didn’t know whether I would like or not showed up. Then a free option showed up that I decided I could at least check out. Other than a few minor issues, I found irc999 a surprisingly elegant solution!

In portrait mode, you see simply the chat room itself. In landscape mode, you can also see the channels and servers you are connected to so you can switchly between them. My biggest gripe is something rather simple, but when you create a new profile the passwords aren’t masked. In fact, outside of that, irc999 is impressively functional for an app the developer considers to be in its infancy! Still, irc999 is free in the iTunes App Store, and for a free app, you can’t get much better than this. It has some excellent features!