2005 – RushJet1 – Sounds of the 2A03

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RushJet1 is a chiptune artist who put a few albums out over the last few years, but certainly doesn’t appear to be wrapping up any time soon. RushJet1’s music, to me, sounds the way chiptune music SHOULD sound. Every single song sounds just like something that could have been the backdrop of any NES game from my childhood. It is chiptune in its most pure form. There doesn’t seem to be any other kind of production going on, no after effects, no additional instruments – just what can be made with a tracker and some creativity. Every time a random RushJet1 song plays in my playlist, I try to place the game it was from – then I realize it’s just RushJet1 and I listen to it all the time!

RushJet1’s Out of Reach, made with NSFplug

RushJet1 has a small personal website hiding out in a dark corner of the web where you can download dozens of songs and even a couple of full length albums, like the two put on 8bitpeoples.