How to sync your Xbox 360 Wireless controller

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When you get a new Xbox 360, or you get a new controller for it, it’s hard to remember how to syn the controller to a new or different console. I know I do it so rarely that I have to pause and think about the process. Generally speaking, though, it’s not too hard. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360.
  2. Turn on the controller by pressing the Guide Button (Xbox Logo button in center of controller – hold until it lights up).
  3. Press the controller sync button on the console (a small button on the front of the console, it blends in, but it’s near the power button – pictured above!).
  4. Press the small controller sync button on the controller itself.

As you might expect, Microsoft has a helpful guide with additional pictures on their website: – helpful as always!