2002 – Lucky 7 – Lucky7

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In the late 90’s and early part of this century, there was a website that combined an emerging technology, with emerging musicians. This website was the original MP3.com. This website introduced me to an electronica band called Trance][Control who I haven’t been able to find since those glorious days. There was another band, Lucky 7, who put out a second album, after the MP3.com era had come and gone. But Lucky 7 was destined not to be, and the California pop-punk band never took off to the mainstream. But I loved them at the time. I bought both of their albums: their debut, Miss Fortune, and their self titled second album. When the self titled album arrived, I remember the package had been pracically crushed in shipping. But the disc was still good. Miss Fortune, to this day, is one of my favorites. Shortly after I ordered, the band’s website (feelingluckypunk.com) went offline, and I assume the band members all went on to get office jobs.

Lucky 7 has more energy than any CD should be able to contain – and some of their songs have a sugary sweet romantic side that the girls in my high school just loved. It’s been a decade, and the songs might not hold up as well, but when you listen to the samples on Amazon you have to admit that California Girl is catchy, Come Monday is introspective, and Face the World showcases their talent.

It’s funny to listen to the sample for Be The One, because that is one of the MP3.com free downloads I specifically remember. Why I remember this 10 years later is unknown to me, but in the original release of the song, the lead singer recalled “eating at Denny’s after 3, and watching Real World on MTV.” In the album version of the song, and as you can hear in the sample, he merely says “on TV.” It’s those slight differences that stick in my mind from my younger days and make me wonder what this band, which MP3.com highlighted their “unique drumming,” is up to these days. But sometimes it’s better to not know, just sit back, and listen to the music.