1996 – CAKE – Fashion Nugget

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In 1996, CAKE put out the album that a massive number of their fans agree is their finest album. It is the album that helped many people discover the band, and would likely only be rivaled in popularity by a later album, Comfort Eagle. Although I own and genuinely enjoy every single one of their albums (some of them autographed), I always come back to Fashion Nugget when I need a fix of twangy guitar and brass horns.

Although their website has been largely unchanged since the late 90’s when I first discovered it, it is an excellent source for news about the band and interesting polls which are generally a bit on the politically motivated side. Still, no matter where you fall from left to right, you can probably find something you like in the music of CAKE (who is on record as saying the name should always be printed in ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS – and in the Copperplate Gothic Bold font whenever possible).

The music has a delicious rock’n’roll flavor, a hint of country, and a punk rock message, with influences from practically every genre there is. You probably already know who CAKE is, and have probably have already heard Fashion Nugget. But the important question is: how recently have you heard Fashion Nugget?

Special note for our readers during this last week of April 2012, Fashion Nugget is one of Amazon.com’s $5 MP3 Albums.